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Honda Spares is a leading supplier of genuine new and used parts for Honda motor vehicles of all makes and models. We also carry a wide range of good quality replacement parts for most Honda motor vehicles. Good quality second hand parts are bought and sold at our large stockyard that is based in Pretoria, South Africa. We also buy accident damaged and end of life Honda motor vehicles for cash. After specialising in Honda products for over 20 years, we claim to be the largest supplier of Honda motor vehicle parts in South Africa.

Our mission is to provide high quality spare parts at affordable prices.

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High Quality New and Used Honda Parts

Finding genuine spares that are suited to your specific vehicle make and model is the best way to ensure that your car functions at optimal performance. Regular maintenance and services will help you protect your current parts, but every day wear and tear often results in the need for replacements. Using the wrong parts or low quality parts that are not suited to your vehicle model may cause even more problems than you had in the first place. Using the right Honda parts for your make and model will keep your car running smoothly for longer, saving you time and money in the long run.

South Africa has one of the highest road accident rates in the world and accidents on our busy roads are all too common. Selling your damaged vehicle will allow you to regain some of your losses. In our stockyard of spares we may help you find a specific part you need to repair your damaged Honda and get it back on the road with minimal loss.

Honda Spares - Your Trusted Source for Reliable Parts

If you are seeking a specific part that we do not have in stock, we help you find and order it through our extensive network within the auto parts industry. Whatever you need to get your car performing at its best, we help you find the best Honda parts at competitive prices.

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